Relic Tint Company

The world takes window glass for granted and that’s OK. You expect protection against the elements, like rain and cold. And you expect a two-way view, the basics. At Relic, we see window glass differently. We see it as unlimited opportunity to change, improve and protect the lives of people in Southern California. We pride ourselves in providing an extra measure of care to the things that matter most. From the health and comfort of families and workers to saving on energy costs and helping you drive in greater comfort. WE TAKE CARE OF WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU! We provide protection from excessive and harmful ultraviolet rays, save home owners up to 40% on cooling costs, provide annual energy savings up to 15% in commercial buildings and improve driving comfort, style and privacy to any automobile. So, If you’re ready to improve your view of the world and to see how an extra level of care can make a big difference in your life, we’d like to help. (949) 342-6602