Relic Tint Company is not your typical film installer. Relic is comprised of mobile tint artists. Why “artists”? Well, first, we have passion for the windows we tint. Secondly, no two windows are alike, just as no two clients are alike.

At Relic, we approach each project with integrity and craftsmanship using the highest quality window film. All backed with a Llumar Manufacture Warranty, we install window tint with the utmost precision and latest cutting-edge installation techniques. Our installers are hand-selected and are all Certified Specialists. At RELIC we work with our hands and our minds, which is why we consider ourselves window film CRAFTSMEN.

Relic is not a transactional tint shop, Relic has established lifelong relationships with its clients. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations before & after. You will often find us performing near the crashing waves of Laguna Beach, in the corporate offices of Irvine, as far south as San Diego and as far north as LA/Hollywood Hills. As Relic Tint Artists there is no where you won’t find us…